Current HAG members

Matt Butt studied dance at Leicester and formed Whoopee Stomp Dance Theatre in 1990. He studied for an MA in Fine Art at Sheffield Hallam University and he is currently a Sheffield based artist working in the fields of video, sculpture, sound, text, environments and graphic arts. He is currently working on a body of work that connects creative thought and the generation of ideas to the formation of black holes and virtual particles.
Lesley Guy is an artist and writer based in Sheffield, UK. She uses a range of media to explore ideas of contingency and control. She is currently collecting images of random, meaningless paint spillages from around the city and wondering what to do with them.
Neil Webb operates within different projects including sound work as bocman. bocman has recently made an installation for the exhibition 'Slow Wave Sleep' and is working on a CD; 'Solaristics', inspired by Stanislaw Lem's book and Andre Tarkovsky's film 'Solaris' for a late 2004 release.

Previous Members
Jaime Albardiaz is a practicing artist currently involved in work about linguistic definitions of cities focusing research on canto-pop.
James Brown is an artist and researcher based in Sheffield, UK.
Michael Day maintains an interdisciplinary and technology-driven practice, encompassing photography, video, interactive media and installation art.
Marcus Gaudoin is an artist now based in Germany.